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Bunnicula Memoria.

One day a rabbit appeared at a house. It didn’t want to sleep indoors. It didn’t want a cage. It dug a burrow and sat in the garden. When the rabbit twitched her ears people laughed. When she chased the cats they shouted out “YouTube!” She made no noise, just sat amongst the flowers and smiled. She napped  with  house  guests under their high antique bed. Three hundred and sixty five days later she allowed herself to be picked up so she could cross over to the large carrot in the sky embraced in human warmth. She left a garden, still peaceful, filled with birds cats and squirrels. Only now the humans have learnt  that to sit in silence and be is all powerful.

Bunnicula 03 22 2012


Borrowed illustration by a wonderful artist I admire, Elsa Mora.