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Hollywood Headless Homicide

A severed head belonging to an Armenian male (sic) was discovered by two women walking their dogs under the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles on Tuesday Jan 17th. The head was in a plastic bag and the dogs started playing with it until the women realized what it was. They alerted a ranger, he called LAPD and a crime scene was set up. The next day cops discovered two hands – not in a plastic bag and later on, two feet just before they packed up for the day.No shoes, socks or jewelry. They are currently looking for other body parts.

The grisly discovery was  found near Bronson Park, a popular children’s playground. I remember watching a man bury a bag under a log in the bushes, about a decade ago, while I stood pushing my son on the swing. I was curious, but resisted the temptation to check out his stash. Probably wise.

The dismembered head was lolling in the bushes along a trail busy with hikers. Presumably (the head was fresh) it had been dumped fairly recently, perhaps by that man in a jogging suit you passed at the gate. Maybe the three girls with too much make up  on and great abs.

Search for body parts

So here’s the question. Who done in the bloke with salt and pepper hair? Where is the rest of him? Is this mob related or has someone been watching too much of the Shield? And how come the cops identified him as Armenian and suddenly went silent.  And what else lurks in the bushes along the sunny trail that leads up to the sign? Little Armenia is only down the road…


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