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Changing Past to Past, and Focus on Present ( the grass is greener). A song by Arum Butler-Sloss aged ten…

Lost in folds of misery and despair,

My heart aches with loneliness that  I bear

Holding this burden for all to see,

I shall never see the moon, the stars, or the sea

Trapped in my mind with no way out,

I break free from my standhold, try a different route

I open my eyes and see I’m not blind,

My heart and sould have completed their bind

My ears shed their cloak, turning a new leaf

I see now, I hear now,

The grass may be greener, or rotten with leaves

Having to let go of the past

Falling through the present fast

Getting dizzy, getting confused,

I change and say I’m amused

And though I missed the greener grass,

It now could be rotten and with broken glass

One response

  1. Written June 1st 2011

    July 22, 2011 at 2:18 am

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