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“How were your Valentine’s day cards received?” “In an envelope.”

ME: How did you make these cards?

Arum: First you make some tea and get a sponge or brush that can soak up the liquid easily. Then you paint the paper with tea.

ME: Then?

Arum: You leave them overnight to dry. On the inside of the cards, when they are dry, write a message.

ME: And the rose?

Arum: For that you need to melt a candle, any colour of your choice, preferably red or pink, and scented, get a brush and dip it into the melted wax, quickly and calmly swipe it over the rose on the outside.

ME: Then get your mother to set fire to them with a lighter?

Arum: Yes, but don’t burn the cards, just singe them around the edges but not where the crease is or it might start to fall apart.

ME: And how were they received?

Arum: In an envelope with nothing written on it.

Arum: A palin white envelope is best, because white is unappealing and when they open the card they will be surprised to find an ancient pirate card inside.

ME: And the pirate theme?

Arum: Because in social studies we are learning about explorers and my favourite is Sir Francis Drake. He was an English pirate.

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