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Pink interview about purple undies.

Me. “So we all wore purple yesterday to show support for the kids who took their own lives because of anti gay bullying.”

Girl. “That’s right. I even wore purple underwear. I feel so bad for those kids- for anyone who has had a hard time because of their sexual preference.”

Me. “Including yourself…”

Girl. “Except that I am not gay. I am just a girl who likes other girls.”

Me. “What’s the difference?”

Girl. ” There are no Armenian Lesbians. I mean, of course they exist but according to our own families, lesbianism does not exist amongst the Armenians.”

Me. “Yeah, right. So your girlfriend is seen as what… another girl who just likes girls?”

Girl. “Correct. As long as that is what we call it, my family is happy.”

Me. “And hers?”

Girl. “She’s Armo too. Her parents don’t accept it at all. They have nothing to do with her anymore. Her brother said she is less than vomit he would step around. Her sister asked her never to show her face in their neighborhood so she moved. She lives with a gay friend of ours and I see her when I can but it’s hard. We still have to meet in secret.”

Me. “But you’re twenty two… an adult, obviously free to do what you want…”

Girl. “Ha ha ha! In my dreams…that’s why the purple underwear. Just in case my family realized and made me remove anything. At least underneath, next to my skin and for my girlfriend I was purple.”

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